The Lord God is all about selfless love. He is what he is and it is up to us to put our faith in him as he is. The Bible, more than anything else, is a revelation of him. It is impossible to know God without knowing the true meanings hidden within the Bible. For us, God and the Bible are one and the same. We cannot see, and therefore know, the invisible God, except through that which God has revealed of himself.

Many find the Bible confusing, and seemingly contradictory, which I find puzzling because how could it really be otherwise? Do you really think that the Creator would be easy to know and understand? If you are married I doubt, very much, that you even know your spouse—truly know. To truly know someone else requires that you get over yourself first, something very rare in this self-centered world.

If God is your Lord then understanding the Bible must be at your core. God is all about selfless love, so loving God is a passionate giving of one’s self over to selflessness. The articles you will find at SeekersTrove.com were written over a span of about twenty years. As I discovered new understanding regarding God, the excitement drove me to write about what I could see. For me, the act of getting my understanding together enough to explain them to another person is just about the most exciting thing possible in the world. God is everything to me. Jesus Christ is everything. Everything else is passing away like the morning mist. As the meaningless evaporates before me, that which IS establishes itself more clearly.